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“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”
—Jerry Rice

Running Tips - Running On The Beach

By Judy Mick  | Submitted On June 01, 2012

Running on the beach gives you a great workout. You work harder running in the sand than you do on regular pavement - some people even say you get 30% more of a workout. I look forward to my beach running whenever I'm on vacation. Here are some tips for running on the sand.

You want to start your beach running on the wet sand. It's firmer and not as hard to run in. Many runners do an interval type workout on the beach. You can run for a few minutes on the on the harder sand, then switch to the softer sand for a few minutes. Then, back to the harder sand for recovery - and so on. Eventually, once you are used to running in the softer sand, you can run all the time in it.

Open Water Swimming

By Karen Reeder  | Submitted On March 20, 2008

I learned to swim in a lake where my family lived, in northern Wisconsin. My siblings and I trained summer workouts in open water since the nearest pool was a thirty-minute drive and our back yard was more convenient. Due to this immersion, it did not seem strange when I competed in my first open water race in Seal Beach, California, in my late twenties. Open water swimming has been a never-ending adventure. Some of my favorite memories are from swims; leaving from Catalina Island for the California mainland at 1 am on a windless moonlight night, watching the phosphorescence glow as my arm pulled through the water and fish darted below; swimming in tandem with my husband, Dave, silhouetted against the beautiful blue Caribbean...

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
—Thomas Jefferson


Paddle Board - A Sport For Everyone!

By Mario St-Cyr  | Submitted On May 18, 2010

Its been 2 years since I first spotted someone standing on a long thick surfboard on the intercostal of South Florida, leisurely paddling away without a care in the world. Today, I think most people who live near any body of water have either seen someone or heard something about this exciting new sport. Its the newest and fastest growing water sport in the world called "Stand up Paddle Boarding". Its also referred to as paddle surfing or SUP short for "Stand Up Paddling" Research has shown that this kind of activity goes back centuries in French Polynesia where indigenous tribes were seen standing on hollowed out logs. By the early 1950's, beach boys in Hawaii were seen by tourists vacationing on the islands standing on their surfboards holding long wooden paddles. Today "Stand Up Paddling" boards are lighter, wider, faster and come in larger varieties of color ad design.


Why Exercise? Here's Why

By Vance Larson  | Submitted On August 03, 2017

In my mid 30's I was diagnosed with some pretty severe health problems. I can recall the days that I was so run down and so sick, that my work days were shortened to about 3-4 hours a day. This made it tough for my clients because my best hours were from 10:00- 2:00. For that reason, most of my work had to be done from my home office. During that time I would make it a point to go for a walk at 10:00 in the evening. This was extremely tough for me. As I struggled to make a mile, I wondered if I'd ever get my health back? Exercise and physical activity were always a huge part of my life. Now I spent the majority of my days in bed. Around age 40 my wife really started to push me. Not in a way that was bad; but, in a way from inspiration. Slowly our walks became longer. I started to workout again in the mornings. While some days I could only manage 10 minutes. My thought process was 10 minutes beats 5. And given my health at that time...

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